13873216_510026059172580_4702209215645100066_nBorn in Varese (Italy) in 1973, where she still lives, Isabella always liked to swim and she made her first dive with mask and snorkel when she was 16 years old.

A true passion for the ocean drove her to become a scuba instructor and manage her dive center, “Deep Avenue”, in Mendrisio, in the Italian side of Switzerland.

She started to take underwater photos to her scuba diving students as first tangible results of a new adventure. However, this initial business approach developed soon into a true deep genuine passion.

Isabella has won numerous awards in national and international competitions,  very much deserved because of her very personal way to use the light for depicting the environment. She’s already working with a number of magazines,  combining her passion for photography to writing.

Since October 2016 is an EZdive Mag contributor.

“UW photography is a form of communication, a universal visual language which meets my ambition to tell without a word the amazing beauty of nature.

My way to take underwater photography is my way to communicate using a universal visual language; it comes from my strong ambition to tell, to describe without words the marine underwater perfection.

I fancy the idea to shoot dynamic pictures in order to draw  the observer inside the image;

I love it so much and I cannot consider anymore a picture as a static, bi-dimensional image…

In such trend,  I want to develop my future experimentation. I do know is hard, in photography, nothing can be improvised and rules, for a perfect canonic composition, must be respected. However, with no challenges, there is not gain.


Anytime I diving, my Nikon’ camera is with me, as an added part of my body …  My love for the underwater diving builds up however I  do not look anymore the Neptune’s Garden through my mask but my camera’ shutter.

To observe the World through a lens was a way to increase my sensitivity towards the environment. I was even feeling more deep inside it.

I was feeling as a writer with no words …

A digital image is not just a number of pixels, but a powerful way of communication which may be more effective of words.

Besides this, to collect unique images of the Marine  World may help to monitor the environment and to contribute to saving it,
providing to all the spectators (not only the scuba divers) positive feelings and environmental responsiveness.

The emotion arose by a photo can be very devasting; it doesn’t matter if comes from a dying turtle caught in an abandoned net or from a beautiful landscape of an intact blooming coral barrier.


The sent message is always the same: the importance to preserve and protect the Underwater World.

“To write by light” is like to weave a plot of an amazing never ending Story where we are all embroiled.

Isabella Maffei and Cosmiq computers
Isabella Maffei uses Cosmiq underwater computers during her dives