A diving trip in Burma Banks waters

A friendly diving tanks boy

Myanmar: like that, is called now the old Burma kingdom.

An amazing place, where nature and culture blend together.

The most famous dive area in Myanmar, the Burma Banks, are enormous flat-topped seamounts.

It risings to within 15 meters of the Andaman Sea surface, before plunging back down, into the surrounding 300 meter deep waters.

The diving industry is a newborn in Myanmar. Not so many touristic structures are available. Most of them are a guest boat.

There’s not a marine environment culture in Myanmar

Lots of reefs are destroyed by bombs. Fishing with bombs was a practice really diffused in Myanmar. But some place resists to the destruction, and become a survivor submerged oasis, full of life.

Shallow waters and strong currents create a unique micro-cosmos environment, like the amazing diving spot called “In The Middle”. 

As its name suggests, it’s a rock block, with hat about 12m from the surface, and the base at 40m, located in a channel that separate two outlying cliffs.

The place is not always easy to access, because a strong current, can be as intense as a river in full. It will give me more than one dive!

Here I realized one of my most famous shot: “Ocean Heart”.