Published on Divers Uk 2017 August issue

Diver UK , August 2017 Cover
Diver UK, August 2017 Cover

Divers UK, 2017 August issue.


An article dedicated at some of the images placed on a great contest OPOTY (Outdoor Photographer of the Year) 2016 Edition, was published in this edition.

I’m very honored to be featured with the winner, with my image “Follow your dreams” token in Pescador Island, Cebu, the Philippines in 2009.

Pescador Island, school of sardines

About this shot:

Technicals details: 

taken with a Nikon D5000 with Nikon 10-24 f3.5/-4.5 lens at 10mm, ISO 200, 1/30sec F13.

Housing and strobes : Ikelite for Nikon D5000 and Ikelite DS51.

The story behind the shot: 

” It was an early-morning dive, and what looked a big black animal was moving under the boat. Underwater among the sardines, it was like being in a typhoon of swirling motion.

The problem was how to make the right exposure; the fish move so fast, and sunlight was constantly flicking in and out the scene.

The movements of the school were quite predictable, as there were no predators around, so I decided to stay and wait for the right scene and the right exposure to come together.

I decided to use a slow shutter speed to emphasize the movement of the school. Standing on the seabed to stabilize my body was crucial in allowing me to focus on the right point.”


Underexposed featured on Diver UK
OPOTY 2016 featured on Diver UK August 2017 issue